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1970 Chevy C-20 Fleetside Longbed

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12 February 2007
# 1816

From Jim :

           Here are a couple pictures for The Stovebolt Page. I purchased the truck off a "kiss and a prayer" lot. The truck was filthy when I bought it. I opened both doors and blew it out with my blower. Then I cleaned out 30 some years of cigarette smoke crud. But being and old city truck (City of St. Helens), it seemed to have had decent service. One nice thing was someone only blacked out the city's logo on the doors with magic marker. A couple of swipes with some mild cleaner and they are still intact. They are quite a conversation piece wherever I go.

           The truck is a good driver but the body is kind of rough. It's at a friend's now getting replacement body panels welded in. I've got new tires and a nice set of painted dogdish hubcaps ready when I paint the rims. I found a nice set of original license plates.

           I plan on keeping it stock and get a paint job good enough for daily driver.

           I've had the truck almost four years now and just recently became interested in fixing it up.

           Enjoy your site, especially the Gallery.

Jim Ballou
Bolter # 13044
Portland, Oregon

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