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A Cool Old Truck

Tim Ballard's

1962 Chevy Stepside 3/4-ton

17 May 2002

From Tim

     I have a gallery submission. Here are the before and after photo's of my truck.

     I found this truck in Arlington, Texas about 20 years ago and bought it from the old lady in the photo. Her husband used the truck as a plumbers truck then a fishing truck. The truck sat in her yard for 11 years.

     The before photo does not show the numerous dents that this truck suffered through years of abuse. I had a friend tow it back to my father's place where I got it running and did a "fast" restoration. I drove it for about a year or so then moved to the country where it sat in my yard for 14 more years.

     Slowly but surely I went over the body again and got out the remainder of the dents. I had it towed to Johnson County Auto in Cleburne, Texas where they rebuilt the original 235 and replaced the clutch and pressure plate.

     After getting it back home I fine tuned the motor and waited for a nice day to paint it Glenwood Green, the original color. Since I have no garage I had to do everything, weather permitting. This was the most difficult part of the restoration.

Tim Ballard
Cleburne, Texas

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