Matt Baldwin's

1946 Chevy 3/4-Ton

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18 May 2007
# 1951

From Matt :

           I was looking on the Internet for a present for my younger brother and I thought that something truck-related would be a good idea. He has a 1969 C-10 Stepside that he has been working on. In the search process, I came across a web page called that has a pretty large and varied selection of trucks for sale. I saw the 1946 on there.

           I know very little about trucks, but I really liked the way this one looked. I kept going back to it. I had been thinking about getting a truck (albeit something newer), and I tried very hard not to buy this one. It started slowly with an email to see if they still had it. Then a request for some more photos. I did a quick check on the finances to see if I could afford it. The next thing I knew, I was unloading it from a car carrier and driving it a mile to my house.

           For the longest time I thought it was a 1/2-ton (I said I know very little about trucks) until I met John Milliman at the Leonardtown Car Show and he informed me that I had a 3/4-ton.

           The truck has traveled around quite a bit to get here to Maryland. The known prior owners are:

           The rumor is that it was originally used to transport bootleg liquor in Kentucky in the late 1940's. Other than that any history on the truck prior to 1990 is unknown. I'm hoping to nail down a bit more on the history when I get more time, but for now I'm just enjoying have the truck around.

           I don't plan to change anything with her, except to maybe upgrade a few items for safety (brakes, turn signals and the like). Time is hard to come buy with all the traveling that this job has with it, so I'm not sure if or when I will be able to do anything.

           I figured you'd really like this picture ... especially considering the cargo! (Roger on that ~~ Editor )

           I plan on taking the truck to the car show at the Anne Marie Gardens over in Solomon's Island (Maryland) on the 23rd of June.

Matt Baldwin
Bolter # 14652
Lexington Park, Maryland

           If you hadn't noticed, Matt is not only from "our neck of the woods," but he also works at the same place as John. Love the "Small Stovebolt world." There's still a few others down here we've got to track down! ~~ Editor

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