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A Cool Old Truck

Melissa Balbaugh's

1940 2-Ton

From: Melissa

  Here is my truck. To give you some background on itó The original owner is also from my community. When he passed away, his son kept it on his farm in one of his barns, but he never ran it. In 1989, my grandpa bought the truck at an auction held by the son, who had stored it for $700. My grandfather wanted to restore the truck and never got around to it. He is trying to retire and sell most of the business, including the building where my truck is currently stored. I approached him on the truck and he agreed to sell it to me, instead of someone else, so that he could see it restored. I paid $300 for it. I have talked to the man who sold it to my grandpa and he is going to try to get some pictures for me of the truck. He thinks that it originally had a grain bed on it, which I won't do. If that is the case, I am planning to build a wood flatbed for it.

  I became interested in restoring the truck for a couple of reasons. One is that my boyfriend (Editor's Note: Melissa and her then boyfriend are now married, congrats to you both from your fellow Stovebolters!) recently redid an 1984 Buick Regal Limited to change it to a street rod. Because I helped him with that, I wanted to restore an old car or truck, and he agreed to help. Although, I don't think he ever thought I would do a 1940. The other reason that I was so excited to get the truck, was because I have always wanted to own a truck. We live in the country in a farming community (but not on a farm) and I have always loved trucks over cars, but never bought a recent model truck, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get the best of both worlds.

  I did manage to find some brake parts. We are cleaning and rebuilding the wheel cylinders today. I have to re-order my master cylinder, because they failed to send it. I am also waiting for my shoes to he relined. So the progress is coming, slow but sure. I am working on this as money and time permit. I am a computer teacher at the local school (where! also graduated from) so my time is very limited to Saturdays and Sundays, and even some of those are out because of school events. Currently, I want to have the truck done before I get married, in about 2 years. Originally, I thought I could have it done by May, but it is not going to make it.

  Well, now that you have some ideas and background about my truck, you are welcome to put the pictures on the net. I wouldn't mind. I will continue to take pictures at every stage and keep you posted on what my truck's status is. Sincerely,

Thanks, Melissa. Great Truck!! We can't wait to see it done. -- editor

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