Mike Baker's

1940 GMC

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19 October 2005

From Mike:

        This is a 1940 GMC pick-up truck. I bought the truck for $100 four years ago in Muncie, Indiana. It was sitting in this guy’s garage in the original shape. The person that I bought the truck from, it was his intent to rebuild the truck but he lost interest.

        Its origin is some where in Tennessee.

        The truck was completely rusted and pitted with surface rust and the rear fenders were un-repairable and had only one running board. The floor pans had to be replaced. I replaced the rear fender with fiberglass fenders and replace both running boards with smoothies.

        It's powered by a 472 CI engine attached to a 400 turbo transmission from a 1968 Cadillac, Camaro sub-frame, power windows, am/fm CD player, air conditioning, black leather and oak wood interior, billet wheels gold series vintage gauges.

        It's been a labor of love for the past four years. I am a Law Enforcement Officer for the past 25 years. It's a great stress releaser for me

Mike Baker
Bolter #9084
Muncie, Indiana

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