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Cool Old Truck

Ike Bain's



15  May  03  

From Ike     

Dear Curator, 

I would appreciate it if you could consider my vehicle for inclusion on your gallery. 

Details: Model: 1929 Chevrolet pick-up 

Description: This truck started its life on the outback roads of South Australia as a Department of Roads government truck. There were no windows as this was the way they ran the vehicles in the desert- like conditions. All canopy and floor timbers are original. 

During restoration it was found to have been painted black and then blue during its life but all panels were taken back to bare metal and a match was made to the original orange/ yellow that was found underneath all the layers of paint. It has only been entered in one competitive show and won first prize.

Many thanks, Ike Bain

Sydney, Australia


Curator "Ike - Thanks for sending in pictures of your beautifully restored pickup.  Not too many '29s running around."



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