Bob Bailey's

1947 Chevrolet 2-Ton Dually with 5th Wheel

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6 March 2006
# 1463

From Bob:

        The previous owner purchased this truck in 1948. It cost $12,000 dollars in 1948. It was used to haul Cheetah the Champanzee for Tarzan from the movie. That was including the trailer and the chimp.. Lloyd Gibson was the last owner before I bought it..He was the son of the owner.

        It has 8200 miles on the speedometer. This is a 1947 2-ton dually, with 2 speed rear end and a fifth wheel. It has the orignal glass and original wiper blades, orignal thermostat and it still works. It seems to be running ok for 60 years old.. It only has surface rust..

        I'm not sure about selling it ... but everything has a price.

        I really like your website with all the cars and trucks. You can put my e-mail address on with the pictures and maybe I will get some replys from other afficinadoes. I have an old front end loader that I would like to put on there, too.


Bob Bailey
"Biker Bog"
Box Elder, South Dakota

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