Chuck Baer's

1950 3100 Chevy

"Old Blue"

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15 December 2005
# 1321


From Chuck:

             I have been meaning to send this for some time ... but just got around to it. I mainly lurk here in the forums. In fact, I start every morning with "THE 'BOLT" and a cup of coffee, not sure which one gets me going faster.

             This is a picture of my 1950 3100 Chevy or "Old Blue" as she is known around here. She is the third 'Bolt I have owned. First one was a 1963 Chevy back when I was a Colorado ski bum in the late '70's. Second was a '53 3600. I bought Blue about 7-8 years ago from an old timer that couldn't drive much anymore and he would not sell her to me unless I promised to provide a good home. The rest is history.

             Since then, I have rebuilt the engine ('57 235), switched to 12-volts, alternator, pertronix, new Patrick's 4-speed Saginaw and 3:55 rear end gears, Carter YF carb, new MC, brake lines and hoses (rebuilt original Huck's brakes), 215/85/16 radials and replaced bed wood with oak and stainless strips.

             The list is by no means complete. This is just a start. Body work will be the next thing to tackle as money and knowledge allows.

             Prior to buying this truck, I never really did anything mechanical. It sure has been fun learning from all the "elders." Some of these guys and girls have forgotten more than I will ever know.

             What a great site and what a great bunch of people that visit this site!!


Chuck Baer
"Blue 50 "
Bolter #5514
Johnston City, Southern Illinois

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