Jim Atkinson's

1959 Chevy Viking C-60 Flatbed

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11 May 2007
# 1936

From Jim :

           Hello. My truck is a 1959 Viking C-60. First time submission to Stovebolt. The motor is the six cylinder. It has 64,000 original miles, and yes the speedometer still works.

           When purchased the truck had major brake issues. The previous owner used the fenders and bumpers for brakes apparently. My son and I couldn't straighten the front passenger fender but I found a replacement from a 1958. So I replaced that and the front piece, too as that was close but the one from the parts truck was better. The parts truck had only two useable pieces -- they just happened to be the ones I needed. And now the brakes are fixed.

           She still is my work in progress. I just couldn't let this treasure rust out. So my son, who graduated fro Wyo-tech, helped with the body work. I had to paint it myself since my son got busy with his job. The color scheme is the same as our 2002 Silverado two tone. My son probably would have done a better job, but most of the work is in the prep. I have the correct tools and guns to do it.

           It's not 4 wheel drive (I thought it was ~ Editor). Here is an old "before" picture. Plus, I have rails on it now. I have a line on a steel grain box I can get for a second box.

           I am a hobby rancher and use the truck around the ranch to haul large bales and other things. I purchased it 120 miles away and drove it home in 2004. I am still missing the trim pieces around the back of the cab. Most trucks and pickups didn't come with the upgrade and they are hard to find so far.

           I am going to stake side it and parade it. Maybe I'll add a 350 -- when some extra cash falls out of the sky.

           Thanks for looking.

Jim Atkinson
Bottineau, North Dakota

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