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Cool Old Truck


1963 GMC V-6 Carryall

    My name is Andy and here is my baby. My wife calls her the beast. I'm the 3rd owner and I've had it for about 16 years now. She has been dependable as can be, despite waiting for me to grow up! I've taken her everywhere a truck can go and some places they shouldn't be able to.
    She is a blue and white 1963 GMC V6 Carryall. Anyway it's time to rebuild the engine (2nd time) -- might not have had to if I was more gentle.
    My son and I have gone completely through it and it's back in the truck along with a new fly wheel and ring gear. Almost ready to put on the original PLAID valve covers (has anyone else ever seen them? I hadn't before I got my truck and I have been told they were stock!) I'll send pics when I get it all installed.
    Next she needs outside care. (She still has the original baby blue with white panel paint job.) After that comes the inside. I have 4 kids and she has taken a real beating but held up well!
    These trucks were WELL built not like the new aluminum foil and plastic jobs. Back to the shop. I'll send pics when I get more.


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