Frank Anderson's

1946 1/2-Ton Chevy

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28 October 2005

From Frank:

        Looks like I ended up in the gallery! I figured if the 1/2-ton was going to be on display for the world to see, I'd give you a shot of her smilin' face instead of the rather unflattering shot of her backside!

        I started out with my '46 2-ton in January, knowing nothing about old Chevy trucks (which explains my handle) and that's when I found The Stovebolt Page. After getting the truck running, I ended up not with the old truck flu, but the old truck PLAUGE and I just had to have a little sister to my big 2-ton.

        After looking in vain for a '46 1/2-ton, I came across a '50 1/2-ton. I brought it home and with the help of fellow Stovebolters, I had it running in no time. But a '46 1/2-ton was still my real desire.

        I ended up buying a '50 2-ton that originally was going to be used for cab parts for the 1/2-ton, but I didn't have the heart to do that. So I sold it on eBay and continued the search.

        I ended up with the '67 Custom that I also sold on eBay. But the winning bidder (a Marine stationed in Iraq) ended up having to go to Afghanistan and had to back out of the deal. I decided I'd get the '67 running and keep it. But again, my heart was just not into it ... I wanted a '46 1/2-ton. (The Deco years are my all time favorite.)

        About this time I remembered seeing Patrick's listing in the Swap Meet trying to sell a 1/2-ton '46 for several months -- with no takers. He had mentioned he'd be interested in swapping for a '67. So I mentioned I had one and always wanted a '46.

        A few emails back and forth to iron out the details, and next thing you know he and his son are in my driveway to drop off the '46 and take away the '67. We saved the '67 from being molested with a Mopar power plant!

        The '46 is all stock. All she needed was the u-joint put back together (special thanks to Dakota for the spare parts!) and new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, starter rebuild, fan, generator, battery cables, new rim on the front, gas tank, and seat and she tools around the yard just fine.

        A new master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinder rebuild, bed wood, windshield glass and frame, modified (shortened) AD Tailgate, AD Heater, and a cheapo paint job are in its immediate future.

A pair of '46's

        So now I have matching '46 trucks ... one 2-ton, and what will become my daily driver -- THE '46 HALF TON! Both running ... and all thanks to The Stovebolt Page!

Frank Anderson
Bolter #5569
Western Nebraska

        This man is a little on the excited side! ~~ Editor [an error occurred while processing this directive]

The Previous Owner
21 September 2004

From Patrick:

         Hi all - This is a picture of my son's '46 1/2-ton project pickup he received for his 13th birthday as his first truck. It is bone stock and unaltered, currently. I put some wagon-spoke 6-lug wheels on it so it'll roll around when I need it to. It does not run, but the engine is free and even the brakes still work!

         I traded a single-axle utility trailer straight up for it, so there is not a ton of cash in it currently. The plans are to rod the truck with a 383 Chrysler engine with automatic, a rack and pinion front, and either a Ford 9" or a Mopar 8-3/4" rear.

         James hasn't picked the color scheme out yet, but that'll be down the road, anyway. I have some very nice factory Recaro seats from my late '87 BMW ragtop that will go nicely in it. The truck has seven different colors of paint, which has helped preserve the metal nicely. The only rust-through is in the passenger-side running board!

         This will be a fun project! My other older vehicles include a 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 hardtop, a 1971 Dodge D-150 pickup, a 1937 Hudson Terraplane Brougham, and a 1952 Hudson Wasp sedan. ---

Patrick Dean
Bolter #4546
Oklahoma City, OK

         Patrick also has a 1972 Chevy C-10. If you want to see some of Patrick's other "projects," check out his web site Patricks Mopars ~~ Editor

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