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1966 Chevy C-10 Longbed Fleetside

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Eric Anderson
Bolter # 10829
Prescott Valley, Arizona
26 September 2008
# 1710

From Eric :

       Just wanted to give my Gallery pages an update. I've sold my 1965 Chevy shortbed to a gentleman in Casa Grande, Arizona. It was just too rusty for me to want to go any farther.

       I had purchased this 1966 Chevy Long bed big window and was just going to do a motor and trans on it but I seem to get carried away with the "while were at its." After realizing the factory power steering was trashed and the clutch / throwout bearing was toast, I started ripping. One thing lead to another and I was looking at a bare frame eventually. [ pix ]

       "While I was at it" .... LOL, I added a 12 bolt, 5 lug rear end out of a 1973 Chevy truck, 5" dropped rear coils and a c-notch, panhard bar and perch kit from CPP. Up front I added a later model power steering box with and adapter kit, 2 1/2" drop spindles, 3" dropped springs, and completely rebuilt front end. I made my own kit for the five lug disc brake conversion and I'd be happy to help anyone else do the same. It's so simple, it's scary. You can buy this kit aftermarket for $600-700 or make your own for about $200 give or take. I'm cheap so....

       While I'm at it, I'm going to plug an on-line company called Rock Auto . They have high quality, sometimes hard to find parts delivered to your door in days for a lot lower than the parts houses. I rebuilt everything on the front end for around $200 shipped to my door.

       This weekend I'm going to finish the front end assembly and install the motor and transmission to bolt up the trans mount and check the driveline for fit. I'll send more pics as I progress.

       I hope this inspires everyone to get out there and work on their truck. Remember, old dirty trucks are hard to take apart. Once it's all clean, re-assembly is easy. Hahaha.....

       Thanks for the space and for all you do. You guys are the greatest.

Eric Anderson

06 November 2006
# 1710

From Eric:

           Hi all! I wanted to send in my latest truck to the Gallery so everyone else can see my junk. It's a 1966 C-10 Longbed Fleetside, big back window truck. It's got a 350/3 on the tree combo and the rest is totally stock. [ Side view ]

           I've been trying to buy this truck for about four years now with no success. The woman it belonged to was very attached to it. Finally, I was able to buy it for cheaper than I've offered her in the past because this time she's moving and can't take it with her. I had to promise it a good home and I shall keep my word. 

           I was really excited when I brought it home and started cleaning out the inside and pulled the seat forward and found the BUILD SHEET! I have been looking for one my whole life and have never seen one. Everyone I show it to thinks it's pretty cool and surprisingly not many other people in my circle of friends have seen one either.

           The original red and white paint is still on the truck but very thin as evidenced by the primer spots. I don't really know what color to shoot it. My wife wants red and white but I'm not really a red lover. I'm thinkin' black and white.

           Just a motor freshening, a tranny and some paint for this truck. It's gonna replace my 2002 GMC 2500 as a daily driver.YES!!!! (No more payments!)

           This is # 6 in the '60-'66 category for me. I just can't get enough. (Although, I think my wife has had enough.) I've already got a project '65 short fleet big window goin' -- what's one more?!

           Thanks for all your hard work. I'm so appreciative of the awesome site. I love it!

Eric Anderson

Bolter # 11061
Prescott Valley, Arizona

           Eric submitted his 1965 Chevy C-10 Custom Cab to the Gallery back in June 2006. Hmmm, possible serious Stovebolt fever. Advance stages produce the "never-too-many old trucks" brain cell pockets. (Don't let the Mrs. now) ~~ Editor


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