Alan Anderson's

1952 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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12 September 2002  

It is Finished!

From Alan:

Dear John and Peggy,

            It's been awhile since I have utilized the services of this  web-site, not due to lack of interest, but my wife and I have been having too much fun driving the '52 pickup around since we finished it last August.

            Here are some pictures of our 1952  truck completed. I sent you some pics a long time ago, of the truck as a "work-in-progress" and am now happy to send you these of the work completed.....(for now!!!)

             Once again I cannot express thanks enough for the advice, the good natured banter, and the inspiration that this web-site has provided in our project. Good luck to all and God Bless.

Alan Anderson
Bolter # 519
Winnemucca, Nevada

15 February 2001

From Alan

             Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of my 1952 Chevy 3100. I bought this truck from a friend in 1986. It had been sitting up on blocks for two years. While towing it home, after airing up the tires, checking the oil, and water, we were able to get the old 216 going and ended up driving it the rest of the way home.

             I really didn't start working on it for a while, but in the meantime, I was able to get my hands on a 1960 235 motor and had it rebuilt with a hotter cam and the head gone through. After building my garage four years ago, my two boys and I pulled it in and proceeded to take it apart and rebuild it from the ground up. I have to apologize for the Volkswagon turn signals. They were on there when I got it, but not any more! It is surprising though, how well they fit on the front fenders.

             You can see from the frame and engine pics that it isn't completely original now. It's got the third member out of a '58 1/2-ton panel truck rebuilt with Patrick's 3:38 ring and pinion and open drive line behind a Saginaw 4 speed. Its got a set of Fenton's, a pair of 26" Smithy's, and Offenhauser two carb manifold with a pair of Holley/Webbers. I've got the Mini HEI from Stovebolt Company on it as well.

             As for the cab and the rest of the body parts, they are at the paint shop getting painted. Right now I am in the middle of rebuilding the steering box and the steering wheel.Our goal is to have it completely rebuilt by Hot August Nights in Reno this year. I will post some pics when it is done.

             I can't begin to tell you how valuable this site has been for us with the advice and encouragement. You all are awesome. Every time I run up against something, I can invariably find the answer on this page or be steered in the right direction from here.

             God bless, and good luck on your trucks.

Alan Anderson
Winnemucca, Nevada

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