Scott Ward's

2006 English Shepherd Puppy

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01 February 2007

From Scott :

         Here is our latest acquisition. It's a 2006 English Shepherd. His name is Grady and he is male, black and white with one blue eye and one brown. Sherry fell for him immediately. He's from the same parents as my female. They had an "accidental" litter so we decided to go see what he had since we were down a dog now.

         The owner said that he had a blue-eyed pup before we even saw them and I knew that would be the one, and it was.

         The Momma still played with the others for about a half hour anyway, but she never let this one out of her sight.

         Sherry is ready for winter -- her shed is quite cozy. The animals love it. She brings the rabbits in at night, the pup stays out there at night until he doesn't whine at night and the goats are starting to use it, too. They used to just eat in there and leave but now they figured out it's rather comfy to be dry and warm in the shed.

Scott Ward
Stovebolter # 4443
Center Point, Iowa

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