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1952 Chevy Deluxe and 1954 Plymouth Savoy

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12 June 2006

From Cliff:

         This is my 1952 Chevy Deluxe - "Bob." I found Bob at a Classic Car dealer's shop not 30 miles from my front door. I fell in love with this old beauty the moment I saw her. She is just an old grocery getter, but she has STYLE! I am going to keep her pretty much like you see her, but I plan on putting in Vintage Air and Heat. (I like my creature comforts!)

         The other is my 1954 Plymouth Savoy. My Savoy was a find indeed. I was on my way back from getting brand new wide whites for the '52 Chevy and I spotted this old man with this dark green-looking old "something" (I could not make out what this old car was ... but I LIKED it!). I drove up and this old man said, "Hey, I bet you might like this one, too." I told him that I already had a 50's model car but I wanted to just stop by to see his.

         It was a four door grocery getter that had been kept up okay, I guess. He said he needed to sell her, so "take a look." I started looking and found out that she had been a two-owner and garage kept. She was a mid-level Plymouth Savoy and with a touch of the key, fired right off. She purred and drove like a dream. I told him that I had just bought my '52 Chevy and didn't have any money. He said, "How does $1500 sound?" I wrote him a check that second.

         Robin and I washed her that afternoon and that's when I really got a surprise. This old rusty green Savoy was not that at all ... she had NO rust. She was not dark green. You see, the old man kept her in the garage and the 30 years of dust made her look that way. She was Mint Green with a Forest Green top. And the chrome was in good shape, too. Just a little polish and wax, and she started to shine like a new dime.

         Now my wife Robin has claimed this Savoy off limits to sell. She really loves to drive her. And we take her out at least every weekend. I love my 1952 Chevy Deluxe and my 1959 Apache. But my wife said the second best deal I ever made was buying this 1954 Savoy. (My first best deal ... was being married to her!)

Cliff Ward
Bolter # 9045
Mineral Wells, Texas

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