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17 August 2006

From KCMongo:

         This is from my friend Tony (ttodd / Bolter # 5713 Stovebolt). This old truck is built on a 1952 Chevy 1-ton frame. For power it has a '58 235 with a sm420, a 5-speed New process and a 2-ton 2-speed rear axle for a total of 42 forward speeds and 10 in reverse.

         For the wench, I ran a shaft from the pto to a three speed car tranny from the car tranny to the wench with a chain. The jin poles are made from a '41 Dodge pickup frame. It has on board air via an air conditioner pump with the front bumper serving as an air tank.

         The rest of the truck is built from leftovers from others projects or just plain old scrap and about 50 pounds of welding rods.

Mongo's Garage
Bolter # 443
Independence, Missouri

         Good grief -- I can't imagine all that shifting!! Cool truck! Good job Mongo! ~~ Peggy M

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