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28 December 2005

From Jared:

         This is my Dad's truck. He built it from the ground up -- frame and all. It has a 305 with the obvious tunnel ram. Nothing was contracted out on this ride. Frame, engine, wiring, interior, etc. were done in his shop.

         It serves as a testament to how he operates as a man. About five years ago he gave his life to the Lord and has been living for Him ever since. The attention to detail and the passion he exhibits is evident in all that he does. Working on cars has been my Father's way of handling stress, building character and bonding with his two sons. I'm forever grateful for the lessons that he has passed on to me by allowing me to have a hand in projects like this one.

         My Dad's truck is a real "combo" -- 1929 Ford fenders, running boards and splash aprons. The front is off of a 1922 Dodge. The rear was hand-built by my Father. The motor is a 307 out of a '69 Camaro. It has a 650 Edelbrock carburetor with a Jaguar rear-end ('85). Disc brakes all around. That's the run-down.

         Thanks again. The site is awesome.

Jared Stewart
Bolter # 9568
Conway, Arkansas

         Jared's got a 1965 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton in our Gallery that he and his Dad are giong to rebuild. ~~ Editor

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