Victor Sedillo's

1948 Olds 98 Futuramic Sedan

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02 April 2005

From Victor

       I just wanted to submit another pic. This time for the alternative gallery (although I don't have the car anymore).

       This was my '48 Olds 98 Futuramic sedan, which I owned from 1984 to 1993. I bought it for $1000 after seeing it parked around town for sale. The owner also had a '49 Futuramic parts car (that also ran) that he would have thrown in for an extra $200 (shoulda gone for that deal, too).

       The '49 had the Rocket V-8, which was the first year for it, while the '48 had the old straight 8.

       I had to sell it when we bought a new house. I still kick myself for having let go of it. It's my dream to get another one in the future.

Long may you run!

Victor Sedillo
San Pedro, California

       Victor has a 1966 C-10 Panel in the Stovebolt Gallery ~~ Editor

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