Paul Reznicek's

1968 Ford F-500

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From Paul,

     Been awhile since I talked with you guys. I think the last time was when I was selling my black '49 AD ton and a half shortly after my daughter was born. Well she's three now and into everything, including daddy's projects.

     I still stop by The Stovebolt Page from time to time to see what's up, and quite frankly you've STILL got the best web site around, no matter what make of vehicle.

     Here I am again with my latest aquisition, except this ones for the Alternative Gallery ... hope it is worthy. Keep up the great work!

     Here's a '68 Ford F-500 that I purchased a short time ago. This old wheat farmer's truck came out of Watonga, Oklahoma and has 29,500 original miles! It has a 330 V-8 , 5+2 speed , 15 1/2 foot bed with a big single cylinder Mid-West scissor type hoist. Aside from repairing a colapsed lifter, and fixing a broken contact in the two speed shift motor ... (I drove it home almost 50 miles stuck in low ... top speed 38-40 mph with out wraping it out). I also have some brake bugs to work out, but otherwise the truck is a strong runner.

     I still love the old Chevys. Always will. My daily driver is a '92 Chevy pickup, and when the time is right I'll be looking for another Advanced Design model. But I got a very good deal on this old truck and couldn't pass it up. What the heck?


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