Gary Perry's

1956 Ford COE

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From Gary,

     The 56 Ford COE I found in a local yard and have always wanted a Chevy COE, but thought I could handle having a Ford. It had a 272 V-8 that was locked-up and radiator was missing and starter.

     I pulled the engine and found it would turn to a stop each way. It was very clean inside and looked like someone had just rebuilt it and something went wrong. It had water in cylinders, two very bent rods, and two cracked pistons from hitting crank. I had trouble finding parts and decided to use a 390 type engine because of the same mounting on B-housing and in front. I bought a 76 U-haul for the HD359 engine and gas tank and other stuff. Our yard had another 54 COE so I got things from it until they scrapped it(@#$%).

     The new engine is a FT and quite different than p/ups and parts are bigger and not interchangeable. Now, the engine doesn't clear radiator area well and needs big hoses for the radiator. I found a '57 bus radiator I made fit by cutting the saddle and stuff I shouldn't have and it leaks like crazy! Now, I'm sorry I cut parts and am trying to find an original radiator to go in the truck.

     I replaced all the brakes and cylinders (hard to find front ones) rears same as Chevy was! I had to fix up some wiring that an earlier owner cobbled-up. I put in a one-wire GM alternator, the "best" part on truck! HA! It's put aside now because of winter and holidays, hope to get back to it in the spring.

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