Thomas Moos'

1972 Plymouth Barracuda

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19 March 2007

From Thomas :

        This is my 1972 Barracuda, but I'm looking around for a 1961 Apache Stepside.

        I'm from Zurich in Switzerland. I have owned this Barracuda since August 2000. Since childhood, I was fascinated with US cars. It's not usual to drive such fuel-gobblers here in Europe, because we pay around $1.40 for 1 lire! Even though, I usually drive around 3,000 km per year. So it's not that expensive.

        I bought this Barracuda, which was produced in Switzerland, through the AMAG-Group in Schinznach (they import the complete body, engine, etc. from the States) from the owner. Actually, the previous owner sold the 340 four barrel and added a 360 crate engine. He had also a little hit were the grille was injured, so he swapped it to a 1970 grille.

        The car runs really great and gets shifted by a slap-stick Aut. I'm enjoining every Kilometer when I'm on the road with this piece of history. You can't compare that with all these plastic cars everybody owns!

        I'm right now looking around for a 1961 Apache Stepside for a restoration project but the market in Switzerland is quiet empty. If there are trucks, they're mostly F100's. And even if one could find an Apache, they're way to expensive.

        Keep on crusin'

Thomas Moos
"General Lee"
Bolter # 13094
Zurich, Switzerland

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