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John Milliman's

'71 "Jeep*"

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From John,

     Back in 1985, I was privileged to meet a gentlemen named Jim Irwin. As we both shared a relationship with Christ, we got to talking (as good old boys do). Come to find out, we also had a love for old cars (I had a '70 Chevelle SS convertible at the time).

     Well, we talked for awhile and then he told me about his Jeep (*Actually, it's not a "Jeep" as in the American Motors 4x4 vehicle -- this one is a lower production model made by a different manufacturer). He had gotten it new and only drove it a few miles (less than a hundred) before he has to park it and leave it. I was pretty interested. He went on.

     "It's in a pretty dry place where there's not much moisture. so there's probably no rust on it. The battery might be dead, but I'm sure it would run with a new battery. I bet the tires aren't even flat!"

     Then he got to the best part...

     "John," he said, "You can have that Jeep. If you want to go get it, you can have it -- I'll give it to you, it's yours."

     I didn't know what to say. Wow, I had just been given a nearly mint Jeep. He even said he'd be glad to take me there, if he could.

     Very unfortunately, Jim passed away in 1991 before we had a chance to go get it. Jim is absent from the body but present with the Lord so I rejoice in that. At least I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and talk to this great man.

     And ... he gave me his jeep! BUT, I need some help getting it. Anybody want to go with me to go get it?


     Are you ready for this?




     Are you sure?



     John's Jeep:




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