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Jim Lombardo's

1941 Dodge Power Wagon

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24 May 04

From Jim

     I found this truck in a barn in New Jersey. I've been doing my homework over the last few weeks and it turns out that the truck is a 1941 Dodge Power Wagon, Power Wagon frame, fenders, nose and engine. The only thing that is GMC is the hood, door, cab, gages.

     We think it was a military open-cab truck and the farmer custom fit the cab to enclose it. Now I'm trying to locate the right cab, doors and hood. I will be trying to sell the GMC cab and gages to help pay for the Power Wagon cab I need. I'll get back to you with information on the cab. Maybe someone could use it.

     Some additional information on the truck: cab plate - General Motors truck manufactured by GMC Truck and Coach MFG Co., Pontiac, Mish USA. Model CC 303 Serial 62 (I or 1), GVW 12000

     I was hoping this was going to be an easy project in the beginning. I just gone done a five year restoration of a 1928 International 6-speed Special. I thought maybe I'd have this on the road in less than a year. But now: I don't know!


Jim Lombardo
Robbinsville, NJ

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