Two 1940s and a 1941 Chevy Winch Truck

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17 August 2006

This is a combined effort from Roy Roberson and Steve Mosley:

           Jerry's Dad (Evert) built Shorty (Yard Dog) in the '50s out of a 1940 Chevrolet. It was built for logging. It was retired to the junkyard when another winch truck was built by him and his Dad in the '60s. Shorty's winch is made from a '30s GMC rear axle. Shorty's rear differential has been welded to lock the axles together. The cab on Shorty is about the fifth one since it's conception.

           The replacement truck (Limber Jim), is another 1940s Chevrolet. It features a longer wheelbase and taller ginpoles to skid bigger logs. Limber Jim usually resides in the woods and is seldom seen at the junkyard.

           Jerry also owns his Uncle Clifford's winch truck (Rawhide). It's built from a 1941 Chevrolet, and is reputed to be the first winch truck brought into the area to skid logs. Rawhide has been repainted to honor his late Uncle, and is currently kept indoors. A luxury seldom afforded a winch truck.

           These trucks are mostly comprised of Chevy/GMC parts but are really a mishmatch that are kind of their own thing. These guys still use these trucks all the time -- they're workers! Jerry's truck is the primary thing he uses around his "huge" cool old junkyard.

Roy Roberson
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Ozark Mountains, Southwest Missouri

Mongo's Garage
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Independence, Missouri

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