Jarred Hodges'

1962 B-61 Mack

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05 January 2007

From Jarred :

         Hello. This is my old B-61 Mack truck. It has a 673 Turbo diesel and a 10 speed. It is not a live tandem. I am not sure what year it is -- I think it is a 1962 Model.

         Here is the story about how I got it. It was spring of 2004 and my Uncle bought a 1966 Mustang from his cousin. We were going to go get it when I saw the Mack I asked about it and I was told that it belonged to a person they worked with. I basically took it that the truck was not for sale. But, about two weeks later, my Uncle told me that the owner was interested in getting rid of it.

         I did not have much money at the time so I offered him $300 for it. I really did not hear anything about the Mack for a month or two. My Uncle told me that the guy would accept my offer of $300 for the Mack.

         I bought it at the beginning of summer and I did not get it moved til school started.

Jarred Hodges
Bolter # 9423
Dora, Alabama

         1948 Chevy 3600 wrecker / 1963 C-10 350 auto / 1976 F100 302 C-6 / 1949 Ford F-5 Flathead V-8 / 1959 F-100 getting a 400 and C-6 / 1959 F-600 14 ft. flatbed / 1974 Comet 302 C4 2 door / 1970 Maverick 200 3 speed getting a 302 C4

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