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John Herald's

1931 REO Speedwagon

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July 00

From John Herald:

     This is my Granddad's truck. He got it in 1935 - its a 1931 REO speedwagon, model 1-D 1-1/2-ton. It has a 6 cylinder BUDA engine, 4 speed tranny and is all original and was restored in 1996. It was the first rig my dad drove! And it's been in the family since 1935. It was used first to haul logs then limber. During the war, it was their only "car" - so its been with us a long time.

     Went to a show in the mountains south of home -- 80 miles away -- made the trip in good shape!

     It's painted close to original color -- the yellow is old cat color.

     I know this is for GMC type trucks but the REO was made by the same guy that made the Oldsmobile. REO is the guys initials - R. E. OLDS.

     Hope you like it!!

John Herald
Pilot Rock, Oregon

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