Dave Helm's

1944 Farmall B

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20 May 2005

From Dave:

       Here is the story on my Farmall B. The tractor is a 1944 which makes it a rare "war model" because it came with rubber tires. Almost every tractor built during WW2 came with steel wheels due to the need for tires and petroleum made products for the war effort. A farmer would have to make some sort of special request and reason to demand rubber tires. As far as I know, this tractor always had rubber tires on it.

       It was a local tractor all of its life. It was rescued from the scrap man by me for the price of a Fish-Fry dinner for the owner and his wife. It was on the junk pile waiting to be destroyed. With a gentle hand and a little patience, I ressurected it into the once again useful machine it is today.

       I have enclosed a photo of it taken the day I got it home and a more recent one of it after being reworked. Nice running little tractor and I use it every year to work up the soil in our garden.

       Thanks for the opportunity.



Dave Helm
"Tractor Dave"
Cedarburg, WI.




       Dave also has (obviously) a 1965 Chevrolet C-10 1/2-ton which is in the Gallery. ~~ Editor

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