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Dale Hamilton's

1964 B64 Turbo-charged Mack Tractor

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July 2005 Update

From Dale:

Doing things the "cowboy way"

      It was the first trip out of the barn. The culmination of a three-year restoration and improvement project to rehabilitate a 40-year old Mack B-67 heavy tractor, and a similar vintage 5th wheel travel trailer. My wife Gwen and I didn't mess around with a weekend trip to a local state park. Oh no. That wouldn't have been the "cowboy way." We decided on a 1,600-mile trip from our home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, clear up to Hershey, Pennsylvania along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.

      I checked and rechecked everything. Bought new tires for the trailer. Got a new fridge. Fixed a last-minute brakelight problem. And basically did everything a prudent man would do...

      Except stay home.


      This was an incredible story and you'll need to read the rest of it ("Hauling with the Big Dogs") in our Sagas section. Dale did an great job with the story and one b-u-tiful truck ~~ Editor


17 June 2004

From Dale:

       The truck is a 1964 B67 turbocharged Mack tractor, with 2 1/2 million miles on the clock. So much mileage the fuel pedal was worn in half and all the throttle linkage had to be replaced for wear.

       It worked all its life hauling steel between Knoxville and Chattanooga and was hauling doziers when I bought her.

       The August 2004 issue of "Maine Boats and Harbors" will be running a story of this truck, along with its reunion with its original owner!


      I work at Alvin York VA Medical Center here in Murfreesboro, on the site of a civil war battlefield. Very beautiful, especially in spring.





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