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Mike "Jolly" Goodfellow's

1963 Corvair Van

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17 January 2002

From Jolly:

     This is a 1963 Corvair Van mounted on a 1967 GMC 4X4 chassis. Having been around when the vans were the thing, I too bought a van.

     This 1963 Corvair van started life out as a service truck for Mountain States Telephone. I bought it in the summer of 1980.

     I had to rebuild the engine shortly after I got it and I drove it until the next winter in Wyoming. The heat in one of these is no match for winter in Wyoming.

     After it sat around for awhile, I thought I would build it into a 4x4. I had traded some work for a 1967 GMC 3/4-ton 4x4 ranch truck. It was hammered but the drive train was good. I had to shorten the frame 2 feet to mount the van on it. I also mounted the 327 cid V8 in the middle of the van. That's when the four wheel thing got going big time. Then with the changing laws about what you could or could not do to a vehicle, it never got finished.

     This would made a good Mud Runner.

Michael "Jolly" Goodfellow
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