Larry Gerdom's

1931 Ford Model A Town Sedan

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28 December 2005

From Larry:

         I wanted to show you my "other ride." It's a 1931 Ford Model A 4 door Town Sedan. It was my Grandpa's car but he sold it in 1955 to a lady about 20 miles away. In 1997 my Father and I found the lady and she still had the car. And ... she sold it back to me!

         We put in a new battery, cleaned the tank out, put a kit in the carb and it started and ran really good. Two years ago I decided to rebuild it as a Resto-rod so my wife and I could drive it anytime, anywhere! New 350 engine, 350 tranny, power everything. I did everything myself including the paint and interior.

         It turned out really good It has over 7,000 miles on it now.

Thanks for looking

Larry Gerdom
"hot rod "
Bolter # 5524
Burlington, Iowa

         We normally don't use so many pictures in the Alternative Gallery ... but man ... this was so perfect, you just needed to see all the angles! Larry's got a 1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton in the Gallery as his "other ride" from this side! ~~ Editor

         February 2007 update -- The Model A is sold! ~~ Editor

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