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Danny Cossairt's

'39 Ford 1/2-Ton

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From Danny,

     I've attached a photo of my new old pickup project the first day that it was at my house. I bought this 39 Ford V8 from my wife's uncle in Enid Oklahoma. He had the pickup for about 10 years and had dreams of fixing it up cause he learned to drive on one just like this when he was a youngster. But he didn't have time to spend on it so sold it to me.

     As you can see it came with quite a few extra parts which might come in handy. It's all original except for electric windshield wipers and the wheels. I have 4 wheels but only one of the drums that go with them. But these wheels are like picking up boat anchors ... they weigh a ton apiece ... think I might forget them for a long while. Took me about a month to get the truck going and then only by pulling it to start it. Then I replaced the worthless 6 V battery with a 12 V and it started like a champ! How sweet a sound that was But I'm a long ways from having it running very well.

     Hopefully in about a year or so I can send you an updated photo. Also if anyone could tell me any pitfalls about changing from the old + ground to - ground? I'm just concerned about the starter and the ignition coil built in with the distributor. Not too sure how these devices are going to work if I make the swap of the battery leads. All the accessories I think I can handle ok.

     Sure enjoy your web page. Love looking at these old trucks.

Danny Cossairt
Norman Oklahoma


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