Jeff (Rusty Rod) Backus'

1936 International 1/2-Ton Pickup

"The Binder"

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16 August 2006

From Rusty :

         Here are a couple of pix of "The Binder," my 1936 International 1/2-ton pickup. I got it from my Father, who had it for about four years, sitting at a body shop in Douglas, Arizona waiting for body work.

         It's got a '73 Pinto station wagon front end, Ford rear end, '70 Nova 350 with a TH350 behind it. I need to clean the carb, install some steering linkage and brake lines to the front and it will be driveable.

         Thanks for considering them.

Jeff Backus
"Rusty Rod "
Bolter # 2990
Fallbrook, California

         Rusty's got a pair of '39s in the Gallery -- The Ox (shown in the garage photo above) and The Coupe ~~ Editor

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