Mike Allen and Susanne Heinz's

1955 Chevy 5700 LCF 2-Ton Flatbed

"The Big Dawg"

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19 February 2007
# 1837

From Mike :

           Here is the story on the acquisition of our 1955 Chevy. It is a model 5700 2-ton flatbed with 327 v8, 4 speed with hydrovac brakes and 2-speed rear end. The truck was originally from Payette, Idaho.

           We originally thought it was a COE. But Bolter Spanky Hardy told us it is actually referred to as an "LCF" or low cab forward design. Cool ... good to know!

           We had committed to purchase a 1956 6500 2-ton flatbed with an original 261 Taskmaster 6 cylinder 4-speed down in Yelm, Washington. I had spoken to a fellow Bolter (super55) who suggested we stop in at an equipment dealer in Bellingham, Washington, which was only 10 minutes across the U.S. / Canada border. We needed to see about arranging transport of our new find from Yelm to our friend's property in Bellingham.

           While talking with the owner of the dealership/auction, he mentioned that he, too, had an old truck that he was thinking of selling. My interest peaked as I asked Bob what he had and if he could show us his truck. We rounded the corner to the rear lot. Our eyes focused in on "The Big Dawg" as Susanne called it. (She calls my '53 1/2-ton the "Puppy.") It was love at first sight.

           After crawling all over it, checking it out for an hour or so, we then jump started it with cables and a generous shot of ether down the throat of the carb. The Big Dawg barked to life. He had been awakened and with a loud growl and sputters, he finally settled down to a nice rumble.

           I looked over at my honey and said "Baby, we gotta buy this bad boy!" She was in full agreement. I love that woman! We struck a deal with Bob which included transporting The Big Dawg over to our friends place four miles away. Money and title changed hands.

           We called the owner of the '56 right away and he stated that he had a back-up buyer who was pleased that we weren't going to take it. The back up buyer ended up not having any money after all. As we all know "money talks" and "bs walks." We were happy as it saved us another three / four hour drive each way, plus transportation costs to get it 195 miles home.

           We are thrilled with our latest acquisition to our Chevrolet collection. I called another Bolter (hevyhauler) who just lives 10 miles away from the '56 and he might be interested in it as it is the same year and color as his dump truck. I hope he gets it.

           Big surprise that the '55's brake pedal sunk to the floor. I've got some work to do on those old juice brakes before this beast hits the road. I've got an HEI distributor, Edelbrock intake and new 4bl 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor all ready to be installed. Once I've done the work, we can cruise the beast home.

           I truly believe in destiny. This applies to my better half and our trucks. The pics shown here are as found. Stay tuned for the engine dress up and repainting under the hood. Wiring is on the list, too.

           This truck deal would not have happened with out the help of fellow Bolters on this wonderful site. Thank you all.

           Along with my '53 3100 1/2-ton, Susanne has a 1966 140hp 4 speed Corvair 2 door coupe. I'll get that in the Alternate Gallery as soon as I get a chance / recover from all this excitement!!


Mike Allen and Susanne Heinz
Bolter # 12314
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

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