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1936 1/2-Ton Pickup


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September 2000 Update

From Bob:

       As one of my favourite entertainers, Willie Nelson, once sung: "I'm on the road again ....". September 2nd 2000 was the day for the first test drive up and down Browning Road - I put on a whole 4 kilometers that day!

       During the past few weeks, I had the exhaust system installed, the front brakes put together, the rear brakes checked over, new rear shocks put in, and had the engine tuned up. This was all done by Rowland Brake and Muffler and Coast Auto and Transmission in Sechelt. I then put on the fenders, running boards, headlights, etc.

       I bought three months of insurance so, hopefully, the weather will be good enough to allow me to drive it for a while this fall. The brakes need some final adjustments and the engine idle speed also needs to be adjusted. I plan to have those done on the next dry day.

       It "ain't" perfect but its on the road - again!

       Don't forget his web site dedicated to "Freddie-Bob" to see more of his pix of his frame-off restoration - step by step.- editor

July 2000 Update

       I have installed the gauges and I am currently putting in my wiring harness and soon to be working on the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. The wiring isn’t all that difficult. All the wires are marked. It is just a matter of stringing them out, connecting them to the various senders, switches, etc.

       Having an Oldsmobile steering column, a Malibu light switch, and a Chev small block 305 made it a bit interesting. I finally today sorted out the light switch. It doesn’t matter how many books one has, there is always a lot of head scratching to do.

       The last job should be the brakes and then it should be ready for the road (I hope).

June 2000 Update

       Thought I would (finally) send you a note with an update on my ’36 Chev pickup. For a number of years, I was going to keep it original but I finally decided that if I was ever going to drive it any distance and not worry about it, I would have to revise the entire drive line from front to back.

       I had a Mustang II front end put in, a Chev small block 305 engine and a turbo 350 transmission, as well as the rear end and drive shaft out of a 1981 Chev Malibu.

       I am still working away at it in my shop as time and most of all, MONEY, permit. I may have it on the road later this summer, in driveable condition but not quite finished. Through the exposure in The Stovebolt Page, I was receiving numerous queries as to the progress on the truck. I decided the best thing to was to open my own web site for my truck and direct people to it rather than explain the situation over and over.

       I try to visit your sites at least once a week and also participate in the Bulletin Board and Swap Meet Sections whenever possible. Your site keeps getting better and better. You should be proud of it! Keep up the good work.

Robert Allen
("Freddie Bob")

January 1998 Update

       I am still working away on my truck. I have rebuilt the engine and all of the power train. I have pulled the front end apart and am almost ready to start putting it back together. I am just waiting for a few pieces - should have them by this weekend. I have had the frame sand blasted and painted and some of the body parts reworked at the body shop. Hopefully I can start soon to put it all back together, if I can remember how! It has taken longer than I originally expected but I am trying to do most of it myself or "contract out" bits and pieces of it. It has been a very worthwhile experience but if I did it again, I would chose a truck from 1937 or newer as parts are so much easier to come by. With a little luck I might get it on the road by this summer.

I always enjoying your site and check it out on an almost weekly basis. I have received a lot of E-mail from ‘your' readers and reply to them whenever I have a chance - usually within a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work and I will send you an updated photo when I get the truck together.


In the beginning, Bob:

I just received my latest issue of This Old Truck and was pleased to see your article and that you had also set up a web site. I have a 1936 Chev. pickup that I bought on July 4, 1994 about two hours south of Calgary, Alberta. I had it trailered to Calgary by the fellow I bought it from, shipped to Vancouver, B.C. by Auto Haul-Away (a trucking firm that trailers new cars to various dealers around the country), and then I rented a U-Haul trailer and towed it home to Sechelt, B.C., where I live.

The truck was in excellent shape considering its age and it still ran, although I wouldn't want to have driven any more than a few kilometres. The photograph I am enclosing was taken when I first got it into my garage. I have since stripped it down to the frame and "a million pieces." I am slowly working away on it as time and money permit. I hope to have it on the road by the spring of 1997, but that may be a bit optimistic.

My truck's name is "Hubert" and I am doing a ground up restoration. I have had excellent service and assistance from Jim Carter Antique Truck Parts, B&W Antique Auto Parts, Egge Machine Co., Pacific Parts in Vancouver, B.C. and others. I will provide you with updates as my project progresses."



By the way, Robert is a professional Land Surveyor in British Columbia, and can be reached at Robert ~~ Editor

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