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A Cool Old Truck

Jeff Abbott's

1959 Chevrolet Apache

13 September 04

From Jeff:

         Hi! This is my newest project and first Stovebolt!! It's a '59 Apache (hence the handle "59chief"), and has a 350 V8, 4bbl, some old funky headers, 4speed, p/s out of ???, p/b from ???(disc up front), and 4WD. The bed is in BAD need of new wood, and the seat, again from???, is not bolted down in any way!!!

         I just found out it has a bent drivers side rear axel - But it looks so cool, and the body is in pretty good shape.

         It was built in Kansas City, spent some time in Colorado (door sticker from Quaker State service), and I found a business card from a spring shop in Escondido, Ca.

         Thats all I know as of now.

Jeff Abbott
Castro Valley, Ca

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