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The Signature Line

A Signature Line, if you have one set up, automatically appears at the end of each of your posts. The standard we have been using is:

Truck Year Make and Model
"Truck's Name"
In the Stovebolt Gallery
See more pictures

We just started adding the above information to the member's Signature Line as we completed their truck story for the Gallery. Prior to that, many members had nothing there, or just their name "Ted" or perhaps a quote, "Never argue with stupid people.  They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ~ Mark Twain." Some had a list of their trucks and other toys ... sometimes with a link to that item as an image or a website.

It's all okay. We just ask that you don't do anything wild (you'd have to know more coding for starters -- and if you want something creative to do, email me! I've got plenty of work to share!) And please don't make a super long stack of stuff! The idea of the Signature Line is to provide helpful information to a reader as it relates to you and your posts / truck restoration.

Okay, ready to go?
I will not use quotes as a designator. If I DO use quotation marks, that means YOU need to INCLUDE them in what you TYPE.

First, go to the top of the Forum page, under My Stuff, and select Edit Profile. (See it here.)

Drop down to about the middle of the page and you'll see a big box that says: Signature: (up to 500 characters) (See it here.)

You're going to be typing in that box, and you'll need to know some UBB code. You need to know that brackets [ ] tell the computer you are going to give it a command. Brackets with a forward slash [/] tells the computer you are finished with THAT command.

  • [b]What you type in here will come out bold[/b] -- and you have to end with the bracket / and same command b
  • [i]What you type in here will come out italic[/i] -- and you have to end with the bracket / and the same command i

If you wanted bold and italic, you would need to use [b][i]Then you type it here[/i][/b] -- notice that you close out the italic and you close out the bold. What shows up would be bold and italic.

Okay, here comes the harder part, but if you understand about brackets and closing, you should be okay with this.

Making a link in your signature line

In order to make a link in your Signature Line, you'll need to insert a link command. It does not matter if the link is to an image, a sound bit, another website, or page. The link command just tells the computer you are making a link to something else. Here's what the computer is reading:

[ -- here comes a command

url -- oh, it's going to be a link to a website

= -- ah, you have the address for the website. Good on ya! I'm guessing you have already pulled it up in a tab or other window so that you can easily copy and paste. -- oh, that's a good website. I think I've heard of it before.

] -- that doesn't end the command (no forward slash ... remember?) ... You have just put me in a pause mode. Me thinks you are not finished and you want to name that link? Ja fer sure ... go ahead and type something.

Welcome to the Virtual Garage -- okay, that's pretty good. But you've gotta put an end to this.

[/url] -- there you go. That's what I needed.

This is what your complete command will look like:

[url=]Welcome to the Virtual Garage[/url]

And this is what you get for your hard work:

Welcome to the Virtual Garage

If it's easier for you, copy a coded entry below from the left column. Change out the blue parts for what you want to put in.

[b]Billy Bob[/b] looks like Billy Bob
[i]1949 Chevrolet 1-Ton Suburban[/i] looks like 1949 Chevrolet 1-Ton Suburban
[b][i]Back off my Bolt![/i][/b] looks like Back off my Bolt!
[url=]Welcome to the Virtual Garage[/url] looks like Welcome to the Virtual Garage
[b][url=]Welcome to the Virtual Garage[/url][/b] looks like Welcome to the Virtual Garage
[i][url=]Welcome to the Virtual Garage[/url][/i] looks like Welcome to the Virtual Garage

Still problems? No worries!

If you are still having problems with getting it to show right, head on over to the IT SHORTBUS. Copy exactly what you typed in the signature line box and then paste it in a post in that forum. Those guys will be able to tell you what you did wrong. It's amazing with codes. An extra space, a hyphen, quotation marks, a lower case letter ... any one little thing can make it not work. That group can fix it so that you can copy what they wrote and then paste it in your Signature Line box. But ... I think you should be able to do it.

Now remember ... notin' fancy!

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