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Want to share some pictures of your collection, project, trophies, or shop in the Stovebolt forums?  It's actually fairly easy on the Information Super Highway. However, pictures won't upload from your computer to the forums. You'll need to stop at the "Photo store" before you head to the Virtual Garage forums. The "Photo Store" is where you find a place to upload and store your ... photos!. You might want to view the video before you read through these steps. It'll give a better understanding of the stuff we are talking about.

Photo Hosting Websites

There are a number of places that provide free hosting for storage of your pictures. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may even provide free space. The differences are the amount of free storage, number of ads, ease of use. Here are some frequently used on the site:

-=- Drop Box -=- Flickr -=- Photobucket -=- Piscasa -=-

Check this discussion in the It Short Bus to see what are the pros and cons of the different ones -- things like ease of use, amount of free space, amount of ads (although some you can pay a minimal fee and have no ads at all), being able to make separate albums and move the images around.

Your image should be .jpg, .gif, or .png format (which is a typical camera format) for uploading to these hosting sites. Some allow you to upload directly from your cell phone, and you can edit the image once loaded. It would be VERY HELPFUL on this end if you include the title of your picture and a brief description (there is a place for it on the hosting site). That is useful for fellow Old Iron travelers on the Info Highway to perhaps find your truck and and help with their restoration.

The photo hosting sites will allow you to establish different albums. If you are fortunate to have more than one Stovebolt, you can have an album for each one. And sure! Include another album for other cool stuff Stovebolters would like to see. Some sites allow you to have "public" and "non-public" access. You can keep your personal pictures private and still use the same account. For Stovebolters to see your photos, those albums would have to be designated "public." That also gives them access to seeing your other toys!



Posting the images in the forums


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Want to see these instructions in video?

"DADS50" and his wife put together this video to help guide you through posting images as links in the forum

-=- -=- -=- -=- -=-

Okay. Got the album. Got the pictures loaded. You are ready to show them off!

Here's what's next:

Go to your album as a visitor (not logged in as when you uploaded the images).

If you are sharing the entire album, proceed to #3. If you are only sharing one picture, click on that picture, once it loads in the window, go to #3.

Highlight the address URL in the address bar of the hosting site. You can use "Control C" or right click the URL to copy it ( select copy ).

Go back to the forum where you want to link the image. (The copied URL is still remembered by your computer.)

At the box where you reply to a post, there are three selections under the box. Click on Switch to Full Reply Screen.

Go ahead and start your message. When you are ready to add a link to your image, click on the icon Create a Link to a webpage.

You will get a pop-up box that says to enter the URL (that is what you still have copied on your computer ... so go ahead and paste it in that box). Another box will pop up, and that is where you type what you want to name that image. Such as Loading on the trailer, or My 1951 Suburban from the passenger side, or The 2013 Reunion.

Be sure the first box starts with http://www ... be sure when you paste, http://www only appears ONCE in the url. You may only be able to know that until you finish with your typed part. If you see in the typed box a bunch of stuff that looks like this, you are spot on:

I'm not quite finished, but I needed [url=]some eyes to help check it out[/url]. It is very detailed, considering some folks really don't know how to do this.

Preview your post. There is a button to Submit and a button to Preview Post. The Preview will appear just below those buttons. Click on the link(s) you established to make sure they work. That post above will look like this:

I'm not quite finished, but I needed some eyes to help check it out. It is very detailed, considering some folks really don't know how to do this.

If the preview doesn't show what you are wanting, go back and edit it. When working with URLs, every detail is important - capital letters, blank spaces, dots, quotation marks. So make sure you have it all there and you have it all right. That is why it is helpful to pull up your image in the browser first and copying the URL directly from the hosting website ... less chance for mistakes. The other big mistake happens when, for some reason the http://www appears twice. Just remove one. If you are still stumped, head to the IT Short Bus!



Stovebolt Image Posting Policy

We've gone 'round and 'round with this for years. Most people are good with it; some not so good. We HAVE it for the reasons listed below. If we can find something that WORKS the way we want it to, we will certainly change.

The reasons we need a LINK to a picture (rather than embedding the image itself -- that means you can see the picture in the post):

  • It affects our bandwidth (which is costly) and it makes the Stovebolt servers busier than necessary. American Classic Truck Parts paid our hosting fees for about 10 years and in 2013, we ventured out on our own. We have been able to stay within our operating budget, in spite of the huge increase in traffic. We feel choices like this have helped make that possible. We don't want a bunch of ads, you know, to pay for something that isn't really necessary.
  • It makes the page download slower (which affects people on dial-up [which we still have some], slow internet service [like us], and those who are using cell phones but also have slow access speeds).
  • Some European users have to "pay by the byte" and images are made up of LOTS of bytes compared to just typed letters. (We don't want to do that to them ... especially after they may have seen the image once already and are going back several times to join the discussion in a thread! Sacre bleu!)
  • Not everyone knows how to re-size their images. If the poster was to embed the image into a post, it might mean scrolling back and forth on the screen just to see the picture. And if they stack them ... oy vey! And if the next person "quotes" their post, you see them all over again. So, we are NOT going to ask our moderators to have to deal with that.
  • A side benefit for your post then, is that you can post a link to as big a picture as you like and it won't affect the rest of the posts in that thread! It will still impact #3 above ... but folks will soon know which of that person's images they want to click on and which ones to pass.
  • The Pile-up of Pictures may keep folks from coming back to participate in a discussion, or on the site all together.

The LINKS to IMAGES works. And as we know: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But ... we are always watching. If there is something we can do to allow thumbnails (small versions of the image which opens up to a larger one in a new window when your click on it), limited number and quotes sans the images, well, that could be the ticket!

We took the "image button" out of the "Full Reply Screen" menu bar to help curb this practice. Most of the gang is really good about not embedding an image and we greatly appreciate it.

If you are not so new, you may have noticed we only include ONE image for a Gallery story, with a link to the Bolter's photo hosting site, website, or our Bolt Bucket (a section on our Photobucket account set up for individual Stovebolters to use). If we want or need a second image, WE LINK IT!

Thanks for your cooperation!


Your Signature Line

The Signature Line is the area under the horizontal rule (shown here) in a members post. JimF4160 has some helpful information about himself.

Well, learning to do your Signature Line is going to require some step-by-step instructions ... so let's go to a new page.

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