The Stovebolt Forum Users 'Glovebox Manual'
-=- Logging On and the Dashboard Controls -=-

When you climb in to cruise in your New Forum for the first time, you will find yourself unable to operate many of the Fine Features available,  This is because it is protected against vandals and thieves by a feature now common to Forums, the LOG IN switch.

To the top right of the Forum Dashboard, you will notice the "Log" line.   Simply click on "[Log in]", and when the Log In box appears, fill it in and your Forum will do the rest!  Notice that this space will then read "Welcome", and have your user-name displayed, with a switch to "[LogOut]".  This personalization reminds you who you are, allowing you to LogOut when you wish, although LoggingOut is not necessary, as your identity will be safe with us, and our "cookies" never cause indigestion, simply allowing re-entry without the LogIn each time you climb aboard. Cookies also allow a range of custom features, such as adjusting the displayed times to your time zone, which you can select in your profile.  And they're chocolate chip!

Should you want to change anything in your Profile information, you can find the profile/preferences editor by clicking the My Stuff button found in the link list line of any forum page - if you are Logged In.  Profile and Preferences will allow a variety of changes, from your displayed name and "tag line", to your viewing preferences (no sports channel available at this time!).

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