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Confused by the New Fangled Hyper-Controls at the Virtual Garage?  Overwhelmed by the task of learning how to use the many buttons and switches on your browser, and find the nooks and cranny's in the ether?  We've set up the ShortBus to help with your Apprenticeship, to get your hands as Greasy as ours, build your Confidence, and generally make it easier to stay in touch, more enjoyably.  Just ask your question and you'll find some help!

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You don't have to let dirty Windows keep you from cruising the Info Super Highway.  Just check in when your vision gets blurred, and we'll wipe away the grime!  Can't figure out how to deal with posting in the forums?  Don't know how to show off your pictures?  Can't figure out the whole E-mail thing?  Afraid of the boogeymen lurking out in CyberSpace?  Well, we've got your answers!

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Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Forum details.   You can learn all about pictures on the internet at the next page in this manual, with some tips on how to link them in your posts, and we might be able to help you understand the world of Cyber-Mail and mail security as well.  Anytime you have a question about the Forum, the Internet, or even your own computer, head for the BusStop and hopefully we can pull it all together for ya!

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