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       The original riddarasögur, or "sagas of knights," are romantic accounts of Scandinavian heroes whose adventures took place in the mythic past prior to the settlement of Iceland (ca. 870 A.D.).

Submit a Stovebolt Saga!
Put your epic tale in either an email or attach it to an email as a Word document, 700-1,000 words. Put as much detail as possible -- remember, you are the reader's eyes, ears and all the other senses. Try to describe what all your senses tell you, not just your eyes and ears. Touch, smells, temperatures and textures all convey meaning.

       And so it is here in The Stovebolt Page. We wish to capture the heroic and romantic accounts of the Stovebolt Knights out there who are on quests of varying degree, seeking the ultimate restorable Stovebolt and slaying the odd dragon along the way. Everyone has a story to tell. Every old truck represents an oral history to be recorded and passed down.

       Why? Soon, there won't be any more old trucks lurking in barns, pastures or forgotten junkyards patiently waiting for us to come along and rescue them. Future generations of motor heads may only know what it is like to re-restore our trucks. We owe it to them to record what it was like to actually find an un-restored, all original Stovebolt in its natural environment. They need to know from us the excitement of finding a Cameo in an old Kentucky tobacco barn, an Advance Design COE in a forgotten Idaho junkyard and the edgy tension of striking the deal.

       Your experiences are the heroic sagas of today -- your adventures may thrill as-yet unborn generations of Stovebolters! So write 'em down and send 'em in! We want to hear your sagas of searching out the elusive, restorable (or restored, or even mint) old Stovebolt!


The Sagas!

The Ballad of "El Gringo Loco" -- A '45 Art Deco leaves his guard post at the woodpile -- by Rick Metcalfe


  • 450 mile Expedition in a 1941 Chevy Fire Bolt -- Mike Stemmler shares his recent success (and challenges) on a road trip he took from St. Louis to Indianapolis in Rosie
  • The Great Corvette Adventure -- The finale, with some end of the road, no-radio deep thoughts ... and pictures!
  • Toto's first long run in decades -- Ed "Da Oz Tinman" takes Toto off the farm for the Kansas City Reunion. This is the story of the "Ouch"
  • It's not just some UNKNOWN old truck -- A 1946 Chevy 2-Ton was in John Edwardsen's future; and it turns out, it was in his past also!
  • Meet Phyll the Phlatbed -- Algea is the new patina; steering column bench presses is the new workout; bleeding breaks solo build character. Definitely a restoration "challenge" here!
  • The Two Guys Sagas -- A series of misadventures along the way to finding the ultimate Stovebolt restoration project!
  • 2007 Memoirs -- Lurch gives us his run down (oh, should I use those words??) on all his doings for the past year. Such fun he has! Great pictures and great story telling.
  • The Future Has Two Paths ... And the two shall become one ... No wrong story. The one shall become two. But the three became one. hehehe. You gotta read it!
  • Stovebolt passes G2K -- Don "down2sea" McLendon sails on in here with his 1941 1/2-ton and lots of fond memories when The Stovebolt Page was birthed. Glad to finally have his truck in the Gallery!
  • When serendipity strikes -- Some trucks naturally find their owners. Others need a little help... John Milliman takes a long journey to deliver a truck to Randy "Mapleleaf" Jewers. Part One. (It's a looooooooong journey )
  • I Never Wanted to be a Fire Man -- A lot of little boys dream of being astronauts and fire fighters. Not John Milliman! Not that he ever had anything against fire fighters, he just never felt led to be one. So why does he enlist the help of friends, spend 10's of dollars and embark on an epic venture to get... a fire truck?
  • Larry's Big Roll-Out (A less then short interpretation of surrounding events) by Todd Simmonds. What a great story-teller this Bolter is. It's a good "It Ran When I Parked It" story ... come to life!
  • Memories -- Made and Making More -- A 31-year-old picture brings back some fond memories for Jerry Scarborough and Roy Moxley is still out there making some!
  • Stovbolter to the Bone / The Hunt and the Kill -- Here's our future, 'Bolters! The continuation of Eric's saga ... his truck is finished! Learned everything himself! A confirmation of where there's a will, there's a way.
  • True Grits -- The siren song of the rusty Stovebolt, battered and in repose, will never cease to stir the soul enough to risk life, limb and a perfectly fine tow vehicle to bring home ... just ... one ... more ... old ... truck!
  • Searching for Old Bolt Heaven -- In the spirit of the Knights of Stovebolt, not only does Richard "Truck 26" Rosielle have a fun story to tell but he also provides some good information that may be helpful. And he's willing to help out fellow Bolter on their quest for trucks, parts and other cool stuff!
  • Stu scores a Burb .. a Nova Wagon ... a Mercedes -- A saga started 10 years ago, after blood, sweat, tears and lots of laughs, is almost complete?!
  • Hi Ho Silver Rides Again -- After submitting a piece for the Alternative Gallery, we just had to know how he transformed this Super-Chromed Wonder. So, here is an informative, fun and heartwarming saga.
  • Did anyone say "Road Trip" -- How about a 32-hour, 1100 mile road trip for the '53 'Burb. Jim Sloate takes us back to 1973 for this adventure.
  • Hauling with the Big Dogs -- First trip out of the barn after a 3-year resto -- 1600 miles! A hilarious story.
  • Two Girls, a Dad and a '59 on a Cross Country Adventure -- After restoring two Stovebolts, Kimberly McDowell hunts down a dream vehicle for her Dad
  • A Finish dream comes true -- From the Land of the Peach Blossom to the Land of the Midnight Sun -- one '46's journey across time, oceans and dreams.
  • Oh the humanity! -- Sam Fugate finds .. the secret '55-'59 burial ground...
  • Tangos with Tornados --A true-life, no-kidding, too unbelievable to be fiction submission from our good Canadian friend, "Twister" Mikey
  • Dean in the Desert -- Dean Meltz, son Josh and a '58 Panel take on the mighty Mojave Desert to rescue a '56.
  • You can't keep a good truck down -- Or on a trailer, either! Lurch, the '28 cattle truck, gives a lesson in grace, humility, trailering basics and the foibles of man.

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