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Oh the Humanity!

There are still things that make men cry

By Sam Fugate

    -- Back in January, my friend Ron and I made a quick jaunt to Table Rock, Nebraska, to retrieve a '55 Cameo that he had bought while on a bird huntin' trip earlier in the year.

The Cameo     After an overniter in a small motel, we are off to load the Cameo. It was almost like a scene out of the Twilight Zone !! I didn't know anything about the truck and Ron said it was in a corn crib covered in dust and dirt! When we pulled down the dirt lane heading toward the farm house, I no sooner than said, "Where is the corn crib?" when this Cameo P'up comes rollin out of a shed with the owner behind the wheel, of course.

    "I don't believe it," Ron said. "I didn't know it ran!"


    What a sight!

    Well, anyway we proceded to load (drive) her on the trailer and strap her down. While the old owner paid his last respects, he went on to tell us about the history of the truck. It seems that the original owner was a farm supply buisness and the truck was used for deliveries around town. When the business went belly up, the truck went on the auction block and this guy bought it with good intentions. Heck, he even knows where the truck was bought new! Even knows the guy's name that sold it new! It is rare when you find a buy where the guy knows the entire history of a vehicle.

    After a lot of years of pluggin around the farm and sittin' in the corn crib, it was time for a new home! We said our goodbyes and left the guy standing in the lane with a check in his pocket and a smile on his face!

    The first stop on the way back home was to get gas. Two old guys came and said "Man what is that?"

    We proudly proceeded to tell them when one said, "I've got a '55 in the field in back of the farm!"

    Well, we needed a hood for the Cameo so we asked him if he had one.

    "Yes I do, I live about three miles down the road"

    "Okay, lets go see what condition it is in."

    (Editor's Note: Like that needed a lot of discussion, Sam)

    When we get there and go into the back of the farm OH !! THE HUMANITY !! Dead '55-'59's all over the place.

    I asked Ron how much cash he had and headed back to the truck to get the camera! We bought a hood. I won't say for how much but it was cheap!!!! I took several pics. While in the meantime, Ron is scavanging for other parts to haul back home. The owner said that he was going to call the wrecking yard to come and get the stuff although he didn't say when.

    Oh yeah, that is a REO in mighty good shape too! I'm thinkin hauler for say a 1951 F1?


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