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2 Guys in search of a Truck


Ride along with the two Johns and various dogs as they search out ....

The Elusive Restorable Truck!

The two Guys, swamped with autograph-seeking fans, at the '99 Farm Machinery Show      This is a series of sagas - a virtual tag-a-long as you ride with the two Johns (who have more time than brains, according to Mrs. Milliman) looking at restoration candidates.

     The reason behind all of this is presenting the flip side of the restoration coin. Usually, in the web sites and magazines, all you usually read about are after-the-fact restoration stories -- "I looked at a lot of trucks before I found this one." Great. We can look at restored trucks 'til the cows come home. What about all those other trucks? We're not sure about you, but we always wanted to see what "a lot of trucks" really looked like. Just what exactly was involved in the truck search? What did those rejects look like? So, we're going to take you with us as we look at "restoreable" trucks. And you'll get to see all the rejects along the way. Yee haw, hang on!

The Episodes:

  • Episode 1 -- Nobody's '60 Flatbed -- Roadside Sculpture
  • Episode 2 -- Detour to Distraction -- "Hey, do you hear banjo music??"
  • Episode 3 -- As Brunnehilde Sleeps -- (soon to be a) Towering Inferno
  • Episode 4 -- Jack Kerouac would be so proud... -- "It ran when I parked it there..."
  • Episode 5 -- A (MT.) Stirling Example -- Not necessarily the Holy Grail
  • Episode 6 -- The Men Take the Month Off -- It's Me, Margret
  • Episode 7 -- An Afternoon At Billy Ray's -- The Two Guys start their own country...

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