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Stovebolt Poster Contest

We seem to have some very creative folks among us, and we generally don't get very far in creating anything new (or cool -- so I'm told ). Our last poster was the It Ran 2004 entries ... sheeze. So we passed the buck. And for some big BUCKS!

From March through May entries were submitted. Then we had the Stovebolters vote for their favorite. It was a good voter turnout with some great responses.

Can't decide * Hard to Choose * Excellent PhotoShopping * Clean-look * Cool * Great choice of colors * Fits the vintage of the trucks * Each one is a beauty * Great artists all * Heck, they are all good * Boy, I can't do any of this! * I have narrowed it down to 8 choices * How many times can I vote?

The winner (which it was very close), is Rick "Whizzerick" Bacon. He'll get the big cash prize. And we've had a nice donation from another Stovebolter -- all the entrants will have their submissions made into a poster for them. Plus a selection from our Prize Page (which I have to make up yet).

Thanks to all who participated. Maybe we'll do this again in the late fall. So, start practicing with those crayons. AND, some of the posters are in the Hoo-ya shoppe if you're needing something for a Father's Day gift! -- I think there is a sale on now, too.)

Thanks to American Classic Truck Parts for passing out 200 big ones (that's $200) for the winner of the Stovebolt Poster Contest. And another big thanks to those generous persons who supplied the other goodies and poster prints!... each entrant will receive two prizes now !

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