3rd Place

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Thanks to our prize donors:

American Classic Truck Parts
$500 in gift certificates
Classic Truck t-shirt

Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
$75 in gift certificates
Chevy and GMC Shop Signs

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

The Filling Station
Universal Engine Dolly

Mar-K Quality Parts
A pair of bed side hole caps

Stovebolt Hooya Shoppe
a $50 Shopping Spree

Stovebolt Goodybag
a neat assortment of truck stuff

The 3rd Place Award

    Probably better named the "Hardship Award," our condolences as well as a good contribution towards his next truck, goes to Rob '49 Chevy Truck" Duncan for his submission in the "That just flat sucks" category. (Not too much funny you can say about it...) "A Quart of bondo and a coat of paint and you will be good to go cruizin!"

AMERICAN CLASSIC TRUCK PARTS      Rob, we wish we could replace your truck, but hopefully a $50 gift certificate from American Classic Truck Parts will help with your next truck project! Sorry for your loss, but congrats on the photo -- at least something good came from it. Addition prize winnings: $25 gift certificate from Jim Carter and a trans cooler from the Goodybag.

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Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

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