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Thanks to our prize donors:

American Classic Truck Parts
$500 in gift certificates
Classic Truck t-shirt

Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
$75 in gift certificates
Chevy and GMC Shop Signs

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

The Filling Station
Universal Engine Dolly

Mar-K Quality Parts
A pair of bed side hole caps

Stovebolt Hooya Shoppe
a $50 Shopping Spree

Stovebolt Goodybag
a neat assortment of truck stuff

Vladimir I. Lenin and Don McLendon ...  somebody check the DNA!!!

The Peoples' Choice Award

    Power to the Proletariat!! The glorious and united peoples of the Supreme Stovebolt have thrown off their oppressors, risen, shaken their fists at the bourgeoisie and have lifted their voice and spoken! Hero of the Stovebolt Union, Fredovich Scott's grand daughters, the glorious and inspired youth of the Stovebolt Union, demonstrated their love of the Motherland and counted the votes!

    Don "down2sea" McLendon – We swear this wasn't yer typical Commie "election." Despite the fact that ole Don probably gets stared at a lot when he visits Russia, he really did receive the majority of the Peoples' votes with his "Hon, how's that truck project of yours down at the barn coming along?" -- stunningly beautiful example of "Flora Trucka." Added bonus points, no doubt, for getting his wife in the shot (look again!)

      Don wins a $50 and a $25 gift certificate from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts, plus bed caps from MarK. ~~ Congrats, Don!!

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Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

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