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    IRWIPI keeps getting harder and harder to judge because the submissions keep getting better and better! The tough thing is the honorable mentions are so good they could have easily been winners in past years. Heck, they're winners this year! Normally, I only pick a couple of HMs, but this year we have FOUR! They're just simply great shots that truly illustrate the big lie in an artistic and pleasing fashion. Big congrats to this year's Honorable Mentions!!

    Mike "Grizzly 34s" Grizzle – His “Grandpa forgot where he parked it, but I found it!" is just a wonderful blend of "Abandonment Aesthetica,” "Elemental Reversion" and "Flora Trucka." I'm not sure when I've seen such a three-way crossover. And can you believe he's going to attempt a restoration of this beast? You go, Mike! Mike wins a t-shirt from American Classic Truck Parts, a $50 shopping spree at the Hooya shoppe, and the rear lights from our Goodybag.

     Lisa "Tempest" Clement – Lisa's warm, yet cold and lonely "RIP - Lone Chevy Graveyard" is a truly evocative and visceral visual experience that leaves the viewer just a bit wistful. This submission could easily be the definitive representative of both the "Farm Still Life" and "Abandonment Aesthetica" categories with its stunning sky, lonely plain and a truck that has entered the winter of its years alone, forgotten and unloved -- except by the viewer's eye -- wonderful! Good job, Lisa! Lisa wins a t-shirt from American Classic Truck Parts, a Chevy Shop Sign from Jim Carter, and an LED towing light from our Goodybag.

     Kyle "641Workmaster" Pierce – When's a Stovebolt not a Stovebolt? When it's a wall, apparently.... Kyle wins special mention, as well as the 1st annual "Frank Lloyd Stovebolt Award" for defining a new category -- "Architectural Artistry." Although, judging by the building's ridge pole, it will soon be in the "Elemental Reversion" category... Nonetheless, his "Fresh Lobster! Just In!" plays on my Downeast heritage to successfully garner an Honorable Mention. Congrats for a nice shot, Kyle! Klye wins a t-shirt from American Classic Truck Parts, and from our Goodybag: a Peterson Nightwatcher Fog light and a coolant tester.


     Eric Radack – Rounding out this year's HMs is perennial IRWIPI finalist -- Eric Radack -- with a submission that really made me laugh ... and then yearn for my old Kentucky home. His "The Snow Plow Did it" is more than just a pleasing (and humorous) shot of an aesthetically abandoned mile marker of the Industrial Age, it's a love note from Appalachia. A darn fine submission, Eric! Eric wins a t-shirt from American Classic Truck Parts, and from our Goodybag: a LED towing light and an LED light.


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Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

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