Hi there,

I just got in from cruisin in my 52 Chevy 5 window that I finished less then a month ago. A while back I had noticed a couple old Stovebolts in the woods just off the freeway and so today I took my step-Dad for a cruise to look those old trucks up.

I found them and here is a picture of the '38-40 Chevy truck. I think it may be a 3/4-ton or a 1-ton.

It looked so peaceful sitting in the woods and having the fall sunshine on her. I caught a glimpse of a smile from the front grille and that could be from the fact that she was the only Chevy in the bunch of old trucks. The rest were old Fords and in awful shape. The Chevy had good glass and straight fenders but I didn't stick around too long as it was not my property and thought I better move on!

I hope to see her cruisin' down the road some day like she use to. To me it looked like "It ran when they parked it" and so I offer my picture to you to enjoy.

Take Care and safe cruisin.


Steve Stanton
The Kernel
Bolter # 14354