When Lurch and I were at the Ironstone Concours D'Elegance show last year, an old fella came up to us and said, "I know where there's an old 4-cylinder Chevy pickup with the cab intact sitting in a field not far from here (Murphys, CA). When leaving San Andreas, take a left on Whiskey Slide Road and you'll find the truck in a field that is across the street from a house with a stone foundation."

We went searching for this truck on the way to this year's Ironstone show and by golly, we found it!

It's a 1926 Chevy 1/2-ton truck with a non-standard radiator and hood.

There's more information about this truck in Lurch's 2007 memoirs (which I'm helping him write now). Additional pics to go with story: This one and this one!

Dean Meltz

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