There's a farm that's an hour and a half hour drive from my home with hundreds of acres and oodles of old vehicles. The guy who owns it (Gerald, who is in his 80's) and his Dad (who has left this world) have been collecting vehicles, bulldozers, train parts, and who knows what else for decades.

Inside one barn, is a 1924 Overland touring car, a 1939 International pickup, and a few motorcycles from the 1940's.

The truck in the picture is what's left of a 1937 Chevy. A freind of mine might buy it (for $100) for its running gear.

One of his projects is a 1928 Chevy rail bus that is currently sitting on a 193? Chevy truck chassis. The bus is missing the cross members, engine and transmission, so he's looking for a donor vehicle.

Here are a couple of other shots of this truck and one pic of another Chevy on the property.

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Dean Meltz

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