Hello Gang,

Early in November , I was riding shotgun while on a road trip with Terry (27 Capitol) in search of a suitable power plant for Terry’s (Operation ‘51 Chop Top). Well, into our journey, we stumbled upon this ’62 LCF while following up on some leads for a potential parts truck. Although we both saw it, we drove right on past, as it wasn’t what we were looking for. After scouting the countryside for an additional mile or two without success, we turned around and headed back the way we came. As we once again approached the sleeping giant, the decision was made to stop and ask permission to check it out.

I went to the door and inquired about taking a few pictures of the beast in the pasture. From the lady of the house, the answer was, “Yes, but why would you want to?” After explaining that I just enjoyed photographing old trucks, I thanked her, and Terry and I proceeded to walk down to get a closer look, and take some pictures.

While looking in the Gallery, I noticed that there are not very many of these LCF’s listed, so I decided to submit it for an entry into the IRWIPI contest. It may not be as dramatic as most of the others, but I think that it not only has tremendous character, but is also one cool looking truck.     

Overall, we had a successful trip, as Terry was able to score on an engine, and I got a few snapshots.


John Lucas

Now John -- THAT'S the way to participate in the contest. As we say in the early Fall, "keep that camera ready." Bravo for your boldness! And thanks -- now we all get to enjoy the trip, too! ~~ Editor